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Fitness Fanatics is a Tang Soo Do Dojang (martial art training hall) certified by the World Tang Soo Do Association (W.T.S.D.A.). The W.T.S.D.A. was founded and is under the leadership of Grand Master Jae C. Shin. Fitness Fanatics is owned and operated by Jim DeBaca (7th degree black belt, Master). Our martial art program helps to develop students of all ages into productive individuals who become "winners-in all that they do."

Fitness Fanatics promotes non-violence in the instruction of our technique. In our civilized society, education now fosters the power of the mind, articulating yourself out of confrontation, using your head not just your heart and being diplomatic. No one wins a war--be smart. The martial artist has practiced the art of self-defense and the need for controlling the situation. As Sun Tzu proclaims, "The true object of war is peace."

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